Feel like your data is trapped in NetSuite? Feel like your company creates the “report of the day” only to find out that report has been created 3 times before?

Microsoft Power BI

Would you like to take your business intelligence to the next level? Markival has mastered using Microsoft Power BI in a low cost, high performance model. We can take your information architecture to the next level.

Imagine combining data from NetSuite, NetSuite SCA, Shopify, Google Analytics, etc and combine into highly intuitive, visually appealing reports. This is the next generation information architecture for NetSuite.


Markival will assist you through all the Analytics features of Oracle NetSuite to help you identify what is working, what is not, and how to view it all instantly. By understanding how the system works, your data will be accurate and strategically used.

Saved Search

Saved Searches are likely the 2nd most underutilized tool in NetSuite. Build standardized, optimized saved searches so every department has the information they need to operate efficiently. What you do not want is every user in your company building the “Saved Search” of the day as this is a waste of talent.


Markival is one of the few companies to be considered an expert in Workbooks. Wookbooks are NetSuite’s next generation business intelligence tools. Think of Wookbooks as a pivot table for NetSuite data. By understanding how it works, you can use it to its full potential and turn data into results.


Markival offers custom reporting and analytics services to help companies get better insights into their businesses by viewing, analyzing, and interpreting their data in more accurate ways using NetSuite.

Speak with a Specialist

Markival specializes in Oracle NetSuite ERP and CRM for B2C and B2B companies that buy or manufacture products. We are experts in e-commerce, direct sales force, and partner sales channels, with over 25 years of consulting experience. Your Oracle NetSuite journey begins now – Schedule your free consultation, let us guide you, and we’ll get you exactly where you need to go.

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