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Schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation to explore your business frustrations, find out more about what we do to solve them, and how we can potentially work together.

Receive Your Comprehensive 360 Checkup

Your comprehensive 360 checkup will uncover what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to be fixed to optimize your operations for more confident growth.

Implement, Optimize, and Grow with Confidence

We’ll develop a plan with a predictable monthly spend and customized optimization strategy. Grow with complete confidence in your fundamentals and your numbers.

Accuracy with Efficiency

Controlling Your Numbers

Do you need more efficiency in your financial operations and management? Is your company uncertain of the accuracy of your financial and operational numbers? Do you have problems understanding and using Oracle NetSuite to its full capability?  How much is this misusage costing your company?

The Right Reporting

Markival can help your business run more effectively and efficiently with Oracle NetSuite. Discover better process management, accounting accuracy, workflows, and application integration to help your business grow.

With accurate reporting and analytics, streamlined processes, and all your wheels turning in the right direction, you are free to conquer your bigger goals with more confidence. We can help you do that.

Optimize Your NetSuite Integration

Explore Markival Solutions

Automate your workflows

Using the power of Business Intelligence, Workbooks, and SuiteAnalytics, the metrics you follow to measure your success are all available in one place - combining your apps and channels for better decision making.

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Optimize your installation

Together we will help you optimize your NetSuite Application to reach your goals and achieve your expectations, resulting in productivity, fast turnaround, and higher ROI. We focus on your system so your team can focus on more important tasks.

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Maximize your accounting

Get rid of the uncertainty of inaccurate financial data and maximize your confidence to achieve sustainable growth for your business with our managed bookkeeping services.

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Optimize your processes

Markival can optimize your use of SuiteFlow – NetSuite’s workflow engine. This may be the most underutilized function in Netsuite. With the proper use of this powerful workflow tool, you will take complete control of your business process with automated workflows.

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Schedule your check up

Whether you're an existing user of NetSuite or just starting a new implementation, we are highly qualified to evaluate your current setup and configuration, advise on the resolutions of any issues, and provide customized solutions for improvement of your system.

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Achieve more accuracy, more growth, and more control with Markival. Get Expert Help Today

Client Testimonials

What We Deliver

NetSuite Expert

“Bill has extensive knowledge and experience with NetSuite and was able to help us with the projects that we needed help with. His communication and follow through were excellent overall was a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to working with him again on future projects.”

Consummate Professional

“Bill was the consummate professional. It was a pleasure to to work with someone as knowledgeable and productive and responsive as he was. Strongly recommend using him.”

Very Knowledgeable

“Bill is knowledgeable, cerebral, and communicative. He worked extremely well with my team performing in-depth analyses (often times with incomplete direction or a ambiguous goal). We’re looking forward to working with him again.”

One of the Best Communicators

“Bill taught us so many things about NetSuite that we had no idea were available to us. He is one of the best communicators I have personally worked with in my career. Bill knows his stuff and if he doesn’t have the answer, he will find it for you. We enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him to others.”

A NetSuite Genius

“Bill is a literal genius. He was instrumental in helping us maximize and optimize our iteration of NetSuite. He took over and improved our entire fulfillment and logistical engine and can be directly credited with helping us achieve our richest and best historical revenue markers.”



Increase in Efficiency



Return to Accuracy



Streamlined Processes

Your Success Matters

When your business and team can track production and trust the accounting figures in your NetSuite installation, you can confidently focus on growth and taking your business to the next level. We can help.

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Achieve more accuracy, more growth, and more control with Markival. Get Expert Help Today

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